sunny days, long nights

stylesightings Jeg har null inspirasjon. ALT jeg tenker på, og da mener jeg alt, er når været blir akkurat varmt nok til at jeg slipper å bruke strømpisser og kan tusle rundt i shorts og skjørt. Sommer er hva jeg lever for. Jeg må sette igang og flytte ræva mi til California for godt. Bare se på disse jentene på Coachella-festivalen! Sukk. My inspiration is at a stand-still. ALL I can think about, and I mean everything, is when the weather gets just warm enough so I don't have to wear stockings and tights anymore and can walk around in shorts and skirts. Summer is what I live for. I must get to moving my ass to California for good. Just look at these girls at the Coachella-festival! Sigh.


  1. hi!

    Can i just ask you how much did your marlene birger sandals cost?

  2. so you liked them huh? They are norwegian kroner 3000,- about 340 euros, but luckily I get a discount:)

  3. Hi!

    Ok great then i got them for a good price too....They are on the way home to me right now!...hope its the right size..i normally have 36 but i bought them in size 37 cause it was the only pair the store had left..

    Love em! Definetly worth it.Great blogg by the way..I just realized that youre from norway...i live in sweden so neighbours!

    take care

  4. don`t talking too much just love it this summer style ..........make me happy make me happy ....