alexander mcqueen

Jak&Jil Dra meg baklengs. McQueen har blitt inspirert av mc-jakken og skapt disse diggingene. Oh My God. McQueen has been inspired by the mc-jacket and created these lovelies. BTW, am home after serious shopping spree. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

lace pants

refinery 29/fashion toast Det beste som har skjedd siden ostesmørbrød. Sant. The best thing since ham and cheese sandwiches. Word. Ooooooh, really craving a sandwich by the way.


Dette kommer rimelig nært hva jeg ville beskrevet som det perfekte sommerantrekk. Gammel Levis-skjorte? Ja. Utvasket singlett? Ja. Secondhand jumpsuit rullet opp og festet i livet med belte? Ja. Kul skulderveske? Ja. Brune, litt massive sandaler? Ja. Ja ja ja. This comes quite close to the perfect summer outfit. Old Levi's-shirt? Check. White tee? Check. Secondhand jumpsuit rolled up with a cinched in waist? Check. Cool shoulderbag? Check. A bit massive, brown sandals? Check. Yes yes yes. Have the most love for the jumpsuit. The fabric looks sooooo comfy.

if i was a millionaire

boots and PS1 satchel from Proenza Schouler, sweater dress from Marc Jacobs and 3.1 Phillip Lim leather flight jacket/ net-a-porter It's been a while since I've done a millionaire post. I suddenly realized how much I missed it. Those boots. The suede PS1. The mohair-striped sweater. And the flight jacket? Oh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. Dreaming is easy.

café gitane

justjared Jeg føler meg ikke bra idag. Har bare ligget i sengen, og drømt meg bort. Til glade dager. Marlene og jeg på vandring i NYC var en sånn dag. Vi spiste lunsj på Café Gitane, en utrolig hyggelig kafé i Mott St. Butikken INA ligger like ved i Prince Street. Anbefales. Andre som henger der er Blair og Vanessa fra GG og sist Michelle Williams. I don't feel well today. I've just been in bed, daydreaming away to happy days. Marlene and I wandering around NYC was one of those days. We had lunch at Café Gitane, a really nice café in Mott Street. The store INA is close by in Prince Street. Recommended. Other peeps who hang out there are for example Blair and Vanessa of GG and Michelle Williams.

uno dose tres cuatro i know you want me

Love that song, I can't get it out of my head. And hipp hooorah for me you guys, because this is the day I was booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorn.

acne s/s 2010

Seriouuuuuuuuuuuuslyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. gimme.

flower poooooower

I wore this to a concert this saturday, flower power forever! Jeg er helt alene akkurat nå. Første gang på vel over en uke. Det burde jo være helt i orden. Det burde det. Men det er ikke det! Ingen vil vel være alene. Crap. Nei, bare to ting kan hjelpe meg nå. Lipstick Jungle (halloooooo Robert Buckley) og korn. I am all alone right now. For the first time in well over a week. I should be okay with it. I should. but I'm not! Nobody really wants to be alone do they? Crap. Only two things can help me now; Lipstick Jungle (helloooo Robert Buckley) and cereal.

sigrid backpack

ginatricot Ah, jeg husker min første ryggsekk. Den var i skinn og knall rosa. Jeg tenkte at den måtte være det fineste som fantes i hele verden. Helt til jeg oppdaget Barbiehus og at man kunne bruke rosa jakker som hår(ved å ha hetten på hodet fikk jeg kjempelangt, rosa hår nemlig). Alt var rosa. Det er ikke nødvendig for meg lengre. I alle fall, jeg kan like sekker. Kan du? Ah, I remember my first backpack. It was leather and neon pink. I remember thinking that this has to be the nicest thing in the world. That was until I discovered Barbie-houses and that you could use pink jackets as hair (by having the hood on my head I got really long, pink hair). Everything was pink. That's not necessary anymore though. Anywho, I like backpacks. Do you?

freedom-to walk free and own no superior

Walt Whitman


topshop Topshop kommer til Norge! Og alle hjerter gleder seg. Allerede er dette en rimelig strålende søndag.


tee and skirt from Urban Outfitters. Are you feeling the wall? Woooooooooooooooooooooowzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza is all I have to say.

igor + andré

Kjærlighet dere. Det er undervurdert. Faktisk. Ville tipse om en helt fantastisk blogg. Igor + André. Danny Roberts er mannen bak bloggen og lager nydelige bilder en kan drømme seg bort i. Jeg liker å drømme meg bort. Bloggen finner du her Love you guys. It's underrated. Really. Wanted to tip you about an amazing blog. Igor + André. Danny Roberts is the guy behind the blog and makes beautiful pictures you can get lost in. I like getting lost. It is right here U love it right?


marykateandashleyimages Det har vært en stund siden. Og det er for ille. Så vær så god, kos dere. Sort-hvite Olsenbilder, det blir ikke bedre. It's been a while. And that is no good. So here you go, enjoy. Black and white Olsen-photos, it does not get any better.

clouds in my coffee

thedreamwalkingsociety Blunk blunk. I am in limbo. Oh my God, som Jan Thomas ville sagt. Slenger meg på den jeg og, og sier det høyt og lavt.

by malene birger leather shorts

Sorry for the lousy updates but this week has been crazy. Plus my beloved mac has been away, but has now returned to me. At last. I wore this to the opening of Oslo Fashion Week, very simple in deed. Just a tee from American Apparel and leather shorts from By Malene Birger. I love, love, love the shorts. I do a little dance everytime I think of the leather shorts. The length and cut is super-cool and super-comfy.

linn renée blegeberg

OFW åpningen var lang. Men, den som venter på noe godt venter ikke forgjeves. Årets debutant var nemlig Linn, en venninne av meg. En kul og laid-back dame som viste tyggegummidigg fresh og morsom mote. Kolleksjonen het kræsj pink, og kræsj ponk så keen jeg er på strasstrusa og dressdrakten.

do you dare?

Jeg arrangerte en liten maskerade i helgen. Himla gøy. Vi hadde på oss masker og spilte flip-cups. Trodde ikke flip-cups kunne bli morsommere, men det ble det med masker på. Hadde på meg maske, mesh dress fra American Apparel og leppestift fra Make Up Store. Dare heter den, og er psykedeliiiiisk.
Nå skal jeg i vei på OFW-åpningen. Gleder meg stort, av mange grunner. Forteller mer senere!
I arranged a masquerade this weekend. Hella fun. We wore masks and played flip-cups. Didn't think flip-cups could be any more fun, but apparently it is with masks on. Wore a mask, the mesh dress from American Apparel and lipstick from Make Up Store. It's called Dare, and it is psychedelic.
I'm off to the official opening of Oslo Fashion Week. Am so excited, for several reasons really. Will tell you more later!

diy shoulderpads

anywho inspired me to do a DIY-project. Shoulder pads. Woooooooooooooooooowzaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Do you feel love/hate for shoulder pads? It works wonders for the silhouette, at least that's my opinion.

bikini body-naked body

Do you remember the tee Dominique Swain wore in N.E.R.D's Provider-video? It was like the one underneath in bright neon pink. I saw it, and my jaw dropped. It was something wonderfully tacky and fun about it. I went hunting for it in Cali, but all I could find were tee's like it but with tattoo's on them and shit. Even piercings. I don't want to go overboard either you know. But I could see myself in it, with a high ponytail and sandals, and in my dreams, I looked trés cooooooool. But I went home, without a bikini body tee. I found this tee underneath on idontlikemondays from Stolen Girlfriends Club.It is like an advanced naked version. I like it. And it doesn't have any piercings. stolengirlfriendsclub


playsuit from Topshop, old vest. My mac is sick and needs surgery.

one night in las vegas

Kvelden startet med fiksing i suiten vår på MGM Grand. Suiten er for øvrig et vanlig hotellrom, men men, den føltes som, og så ut som en suite. Etter litt vandring langs strip'en ender vi opp på Privé, utestedet på Planet Hollywood. Henger der en stund, og tar festen videre til en random bar, der vodka cranberryen koster 1 dollar. Eller var den gratis? Jo, den var gratis. Pina dø! Og når det er gratis er det ingen grunn til å være sjenert. Jeg ble venn med en kar med grillz, sa jeg alltid hadde vært keen på grillz (har jeg det ja?), og sa at det bare var det kuleste i hele verden(er det egentlig det?). The night started with us getting ready in our suite at the MGM Grand. After wandering the Strip we ended up at Privé, Planet Hollywood's club. We stayed there for a while, and then partied at some random bar where the vodka cranberries were free. I befriended a dude with grillz, said I'd always wanted grillz (have I really?), and said it was the coolest thing in the world (is it really?).