white nails

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Fargen på alles negler for tiden, mulig det bare er mine, er hvit. Jeg er i alle fall fan.

The colour on everybody's nails these days, maybe it's just mine, is white. Imma fan at least.

alexander skarsgård

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Ok, I know I don't usually post dudes, but I can't help myself, I can not control myself. I heart Alexander Skarsgård. If you ain't seen True Blood yet, you may not know what I'm talking about. If you have, yeah, then we're on the same page.

hello heartbreak

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                                faux mongolian fur Topshop, cardigan Alexander McQueen, sweatpants Acne, boots Proenza Schouler, bag Balmain

Tenkte det var på tide med en ny if I was a millionaire. Det måtte jeg i grunn vært for det her. Det er jeg ikke. Har ikke mobil akkurat nå en gang jeg, og nettet mitt er på tur i tillegg. Hva gjør man uten mobil og nett? Virkelig, svar meg, jeg lurer.

Thought it was about time for a new if I was a millionaire. I'd have to be to get this. I'm not. I don't even have my cellphone right now, and my internet connection has taken a nap. A long one. What to do without cellphone and internet? Really, let me know, I'm wondering. 

By the way, I think sweats mixed with heels is kinda cool. And the grey booties are niiiiiiiiice. Everything is. Ah, gimme!


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I går var jeg på konsert. Datarock. Jeg hoppet rundt. Nok en herlig kveld. I dag, vel, det har ikke skjedd stort. Om en og en halv time skal jeg møte Heidi i klassen på Kiwi.

Jeg prøvde høy scrunchie i går. Vet ikke jeg? Så mest ut som en stor baby.

I went to a concert last night. Datarock. I jumped around. Another great night. Today, well, ain't nothing going on. I'm meeting Heidi in my class in an hour and a half at Kiwi.

I tried a high scrunchie last night. I dunno? I think I look like a big baby.


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MKA Olsen is launching a new junior fashion line out in February in JCPenney stores called Olsenboye. It's gonna be more affordable than The Row and Elizabeth & James. Soooooo, who wants to go to NY in february?


Image and video hosting by TinyPic dødningehodering Brio, ring fra marked i California Lørdag kveld. Vors. Fernet. Byen. Fest. Nach. Sånn var lørdagskvelden min. Og ja, nachet endte ikke før rundt ti i dag tidlig. Jeg er fan av nach. Ikke like fan av å gå hjem i 11-tiden i lårhøye støvletter. Ga til slutt opp og ruslet resten av veien i sokkelesten. Saturday night. Pre-party. Fernet shots. Out. Party. After-party. That was my night. And yeah, the after-party ended around 10 a.m this morning. I'm a big fan of after-parties. Not a big fan of walking home 11-ish in thigh-high boots though. Eventually I gave up, took the boots off and walked in socks the rest of the way.


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fashiongonerogue Fader, jeg er keen på snekkerbukse. I am wanting denim overalls. Bad.

dark lips

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fashiongonerogue Nude lips? Yes. Light pink/lavender lips? Yes. Bright pink lips? Yes. Red lips? Yes. Dark lips? Yes. You can do no wrong with lipstick these days, every direction is the right one it seems. I love it. Except not really craving for the light blue or silver look that was all the rave when I was 12.

cali flippin fornia

Image and video hosting by TinyPic High-ways. Beaches. Sunshine. Fun. The people. The places. The stores. The food. My love is endless when it comes to California. I miss the place every day, but today more than I usually do. I want to go back, I want to live there. Still can't understand why I wasn't born there. Somebody effed with destiny that's for sure.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic Helsetrøye. Hvem ante at det kunne være så fint? Til daglig bruker jeg en singlett under, til fest ville jeg droppet singletten og kun brukt BH under. Litt hud har vel aldri skadet noen. "Stringy wifebeater" (dunno the eng word). Who knew it could be this nice? Daily I wear it with a tank top underneath, to a party I'd skip the tank top and only have a bra under it. Some skin has never hurt nobody.

bunny ears

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topshop Hva jeg har gjort i kveld? Næh. Hengt på ebay en god stund, drømte meg bort på net-a-porter og tittet gjennom hele vareutvalget på Topshop. Og da mener jeg hele vareutvalget. Har kost meg i grunn. Denne lille luen kommer til meg om en uke eller så. Det blir bra. Ellers? Tryna skikkelig på vei til skolen i dag. Jeg hadde et sammenstøt med asfalten. Vi sa hei liksom. Så nå sitter jeg her da, med to skrubbsår på hvert kne, en te-kopp ved siden av meg og Grey's på TV. Alt i alt en god dag. I det minste for en kløne. For hei, det kunne vært verre. What did I do tonight? Nah. Hung out on ebay for a while, daydreamed while checking net-a-porter and looked through the entire selection at Topshop. And I mean the entire selection. I've enjoyed myself. This little hat is mine in a week or so. I like it. What else? Fell flat on my face on the way to school today. I had a run-in with the asphalt. We said hello. So now I'm sitting here, with two bruises on each knee, a tea-cup beside me and Grey's on the TV. All in all a good day. At least for a clumsy idiot. Cause hey, it could've been worse.


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igor+andré This as a wallpaper in a room with white walls? I don't care what you say. I say hell yeah.

alex monroe feather ring

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Ello. I want you wrapped around my finger.

day n' nite

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Kate Bosworth at justjared
I want camel brogues and those leopard Alexander Wang heels. Like right now.

friday night

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Faux fur H&M/ sweater American Apparel/ velvet skirt secondhand/ Converse Went to the movies on friday night. I love the movies. We saw Fame, and that's all I have to say about that. I guess. I bought some shoes yesterday. My second pair of thigh-highs. Yes, I know. Who needs two? Nobody does, but they were suede. Gaaahh, I suck. Lunched in the city. Girls night in yesterday with brownies, nuts and dip. Been sick today, migraine. Ouch. And that is basically my weekend. A good one, except for today. Hope yours was nothing but sweetness too.


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Some inspiration from me, to you, a dark sunday evening. This is gorgeous. This too, is what I want my place to look like. Raw, simple and real.

chloë for opening ceremony

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Makes me wanna live in the woods, be a lumberjack and sleep under the stars


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stockholmstreetstyle Good eyes on that gal. Good clothes too.