bikini body-naked body

Do you remember the tee Dominique Swain wore in N.E.R.D's Provider-video? It was like the one underneath in bright neon pink. I saw it, and my jaw dropped. It was something wonderfully tacky and fun about it. I went hunting for it in Cali, but all I could find were tee's like it but with tattoo's on them and shit. Even piercings. I don't want to go overboard either you know. But I could see myself in it, with a high ponytail and sandals, and in my dreams, I looked trés cooooooool. But I went home, without a bikini body tee. I found this tee underneath on idontlikemondays from Stolen Girlfriends Club.It is like an advanced naked version. I like it. And it doesn't have any piercings. stolengirlfriendsclub


  1. Du skulle så jævlig vært på hovefestivalen og sett alle "bikini"-chicksa der

  2. den s.g. tee er rå! diggern =)