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I was having a good day. Still is a good day, but I just started missing. Everyone, noone. Everything, nothing. Gaaaah, it sucks being soooo complex doesn't it? Lol. I guess you get that way sometimes, life's so good, and still some of it isn't. I guess that's how it always is.
Vikki took this of me for a shoot we did for the student paper. Thought the mood was kinda appropriate for me being sooooo effing melancholic these days. Sorry about that. I swear, I'm gonna be a big lump of joy come christmas vacation.


  1. This is a great photo! Can't wait to see your dress if you have the time to make one!

  2. Cheer up kitten, you are beautiful!!

  3. vel man kan ikke alltid väre glad. det er klart man får väre pottesur avogtil også! håper det föles bedre snart. klem