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                                sandaler Topshop ish 260 kroner/ sandaler Acne ish 1400 kroner

While walking around New York City last year I went into a store, found the perfect pair of black sandals, cuddled them for a bit, and went out of the store, around the corner and out of the sandals' life. Wtf? The worst thing is I couldn't remember the store. That's never happened to me before. Anywho, I've regretted it ever since. They were black, comfy, and with elastic straps. I got very excited when I found these two. The left pair is Topshop, and at a reasonable price. The right ones are Acne, for a not so reasonable price. The reasonable part of me says to go for the Topshop pair, but the rest of me is screaming out for the Acne pair.


  1. begge er fine. men liker acnes best. :)

  2. Kjempefine begge to, men Acne sine er jo finest, bare å innse det :)
    Får heller se på det som en liten invistering? Nydelige er de iallefall!