preppy betty

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I have never really liked the whole put-together, preppy look. I think it can be nice on others, put it's just too golf-y kinda for me. But where there's somewhat of a will, there's a way, and after seeing Céline's pre-fall 2010, where there were just hints of it, I had to give it a go. So I used my denim shirt from Zara underneath a knit with tights. And it turned out ok. I think? It is a nice look with heels. But you need heels. Or biker boots. Biker boots work too, that's what I did. I never show you my shoes. A travesty ain't it? I got nice ones.


  1. SV: takk for det!

    kult outfit - stilig med den herlige genseren over skjorten...

  2. Stilig! Jeg kler ikke stilen selv, er litt mer AcneWangRocka typ stil :P

  3. Synes det var fint på deg jeg altså :)
    Også har jeg samme genseren - den skal jeg jammen prøve sånn!

  4. har också den tröjan " i just love it"