the long / stockholm awaits

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I guess I am and always have been slow. Maybe that's why I wore this outfit to a party at least a month ago and show it to you guys now. But anywho, we all get by don't we? This is my favorite sweater at the moment, love the thick knit and length of it. This is also my favorite skirt/dress at the moment, I bought it last summer at Forever 21 in NYC. Ah, way back when life was so good. Now my life's kinda in a waiting state. Waiting for spring, a new summer. But, I got my exam dates today and hello summer! I am ready for it the 27th of May. Then you can put a fork in me, cause I am done. Ah, loving it.

Also, I am going to Stockholm for easter! Haven't been there in years, so if anybody's got tips on what to do, where to shop(the MOST important one really) and eat, drink and so on P L E A S E tell me.


  1. Elsker antrekket! Har desverre ingen shoppingtips, aldri vært der selv :/

  2. det finns en kul secondhand butikk som heter old touch et eller annet sted på södermalm. vel verdt et besök! ellers husker jeg särdeles lite.. nei forresten. american apparel og urban outfitterS. de bör du sjekke ut.!
    håper du får en fin tur!
    fint antrekk forresten.

  3. Å jeg vil også finne sånne kupp på Forever 21! Var der bare en lørdag, bønna fant en sprøytespiss på gulvet og klærne lå spredd overalt! Haha, drøye tilstander!