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It's weird. Here I am, blogging my heart and life away, kind of voluntarily putting myself in the center of attention, sort of. Sometimes I feel like a fame-whore being a blogger. Like all I really want is to get my face in your face. Like all I want in life is getting on a cover with taking my picture and posting it, thinking that's the way to get there. I have a thing for posers. I don't like them, I think it's awkward. And I get a bad taste in my mouth thinking that maybe that's how people think I am. That is not how I am. I don't want blogger and poser becoming one. Blogging has rocketed to the sky, and I'd be an ass though not admitting that it is a way of getting your face, interests and your words out into the universe. Making somewhat of a teeny tiny cyber-mark. Willingly I am putting myself out into cyber-space. Cyber-space, it's big. Endless. Millions out there do what I do. Blog. Smile for the camera. Show their new shoes. Why do we do it? Here I am, showing you my face a couple of times each week. There they are, Mary-Kate and Ashley, doing everything they can to hide theirs. Some posing, some not at all.


  1. Sv: Ja, er rart med det. Når solen først skinner vil jeg forevige det:) Jaa, gleder meg ril varmere dager.


  2. veldig sant og forrvirrende og jeg tenker det samme og synes det er litt rart i det hele tatt - hvorfor blogger jeg, hva er poenget, hvor vil jeg med det, når man samtidig ikke vil ha folk i ansiktet, stå for nært i heisen, sitte for nært på bussen, hvorfor invitere menneskene hjem i stua og til skoene og til dagen. forvirra. også blogger jeg litt mer.
    (fint innlegg som passet veldig bra siden jeg akkurat tenkte veldig mye!)