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                                body from H&M, cut-offs Levi's

The sun was shining on, was it wednesday? Had to get my tan on, so went to Bygdøy for some sun and studying. Read the entire day! I have one week till summer va-cay and I can't waaaaaaaaaait. Now I'm off to the books.
This picture was actually quite lovely in colour, lots of bright blues, but I love black and white and the contrasts it creates.  I am relaxing on a bench. As you can see.


  1. looking good frøken freken!
    absolutt, skjønte ingenting jeg heller i starten men gikk ganske så kvikt etterhvert! bare spør så svarer jeg=) er så handy!

  2. Hej!

    Tänkte bara tipsa sig om en grym tävling till alla bloggare!

    Lycka till :)