white jeans

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Oh yes! I finally, after endless, restless searches, found a pair of white jeans. Didn't end up with the ones on the pic, but they're pretty close. They have a higher waist. I'm gonna cut em, slash em and wear em with pride. Gives me a summer's feel. I realized today that I absolutely need to go back to Cali this summer, it is what makes me happy. Who am I to deny myself happiness? It is minus 20 degrees celsius here in Norway. It should be illegal. Cali is just peace and love all year round.
Saw a play yesterday, the Seagull. Pretty good. Went by my old workplace today, Huset Høyer, sooo nice to see everyone. And By Malene Birger s/s 2010 starts coming out right about now! Can't wait till I get my stuffff. Tonight it's girls night in. Have a lovely friday.

And oooh, lookie lookie at my old man's watch. I heart it.


  1. håper du får en super jentekveld! buksene ser fine ut- hvor er buksene du kjöpte fra forresten? skulle gjerne dratt til california jeg og.. har sinnsykt lyst å dra til usa.. spesielt der det er varmt..
    god helg, klem

  2. sounds cool your white jeans that will be high light !! have great friday night ; )

  3. Your jumper looks so comfortable and love the monotone colour of it. Pants look great too :)

  4. Elsker jeansen! Og genseren! Lyst på en slik selv :)
    Så utrolig bra blogg! Hvorfor har jeg ikke dumpet over den før?!
    1 stk ny fast leser iallefall :)

  5. ediot- H&M. Seff kan man vel enkli si. Skal skaffe meg et par 501 åsså.
    Ida- takk, så hyggelig:)

  6. lovely sweater!we heart this outfit, it's so simply but gorgeous :))