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Hello all you pretty pretty things. I've LUSTED for the crystal see-through pants from Acne since I first saw them. I stood in the store holding them last week. The presence of change, and nothing but change, in my wallet made me leave them. Other than that, I'm gonna start putting up more of my wish-list.
These Acne items are on it

X Marvelous chunky Sweater/Acne
X Fusion suede booties/Acne
X Contact stoned crystal trousers/Acne

Uh-oh. All Acne. Other than that I am craving

X black transparent skirt/pants
X something flowery
X skirt-shorts
X striped or USA-printed denim shorts (yessssss)

My crew and I just booked tickets to Greece. Leaving in a week. Opa! Have no money. Will roam secondhandstores this week for cool stuff to wear while I'm there.